January 2010 Meeting

13 12 2009

January 13, 2010

Doors Open at 6:00pm
Discussion Begins at 6:30pm

“Show us Your Stuff”
This will be our first General Meeting of the year.  Become a member this evening for $100 per person.  At this meeting, we’re asking members to get involved and share a project that is in progress or one that you have recently completed.  It doesn’t have to be polished if it’s not finished, but share your pre-production, production, and post-production insights.  A 5 – 10 minute presentation is plenty.

As an added bonus, there will be a door prize for all attendees that enroll their 2010 membership with HPVA. We’d like to thank our friends at Animoto for donating this fantastic door prize!

Saltgrass Steakhouse
1803 Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77007-224



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