May Meeting

6 05 2011

Wednesday, May  11, 2011

Price Objections!  Setting Goals!  Hiring Teams! Oh My!

This months meeting will be a webinar presented by Matt Davis of Life Stage Films and  This webinar is meant to make this your best year in business yet! The two-hour audio seminar will addresses in detail:

  • The right and wrong way to treat sales in wedding video and corporate video.
  • Detailed solutions and strategies that work the majority of the time when I hear price objections.
  • In-depth process on how to set goals and dreams for your business with our 90-day plan.
  • A simple and quick way to hire AND TRUST the right people for your team in under 4 hours.
  • An exercise on finding your uniqueness and translating that into your advertising and marketing.
Matt has also generously allowed HPVA to distribute this very webinar to our paid members in attendance that night.  A $139 value!  You wont want to miss out on this one.

Membership: $100

Guests are welcome to attend for $20.
Doors Open @ 6:00pm, Webinar @ 6:30pm

Food will be provided.



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